Affordable housing with premium features

evolved design

Rather than compromise, why not upgrade everything and spend less to build and condition it and don’t spend time maintaining it? That is what these designs accomplish, and you can start out lean and add to them as money becomes available if you want. They are set up for live/work on the lower level or expansion of family space. Maybe build them as income property for airbnbs or rental? They are highly resistant to all manner of natural disasters and typical building failures. No maintenance for about eighty years other than typical cleaning. About as close to fireproof as you’re going to get – no promises but the roof and walls are heavy gauge steel with functional storm/fire shutters and low cost (or masonry) heat shields can be added if the need is felt to be justified. The insulation is Class 1A rated. And they are round – something rarely afforded in even the most expensive homes – usually reserved for palaces, mansions and religious or government buildings. The spaces are peacefully magical. Many different plans to choose from and custom is always an affordable option.