Another house in the woods.

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Some projects are built well or at least competently built but have no redeeming characteristics beyond that. Some projects are built poorly but have character worth rehabilitating – this is one of those. The first line of their program was – “We love our house but it it a source of great anxiety.” The projects we have done are innumerable. Starting off with the befores. The first thing we did was put overhangs on – it was designed by a professor – it was an academic chuckle if you understand the concept of ruins and machines in the garden – i just saw it as needing to be fixed.

That’s a swing away mirror detail that I like to use a lot – natural light comes around it to illuminate your face and when it is not being used you swing it out of the way for the view. The stained glass panels are between the bedroom and bathroom and open up accordion style.

These are some of the projects we did – I remembered actually the first things we did were to fix the rot in the master bedroom bay window and then insulate above the master bedroom and bathroom and insulate the pipes so they wouldn’t freeze anymore. The house had insulation in it just not in the right places or installed correctly. There were many animals living in the house too and I don’t mean pets – good detailing is important as the design.



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April 18, 2017