ATS – The evolution

These are some of the highlights of the design evolution process – different ideas that evolved with the addition of extra criteria to make it successful. None of it is particularly new technology just used in a very different way – one that jumps out of the rut we’re in and gets rid of many problems we have institutionalized. I’ve always said why solve a problem when you can get rid of it. Our current system is such that the problems it has and creates outweigh the benefits by a wide margin. Time for a big step forward in the opposite direction we are headed.

71 XKE Jag was the inspiration

Earliest renders, even before drafted versions

Looking for the simplest, smallest foot print environmentally and financially

Finding inspiration for vehicle prototypes.

A quest for balance – between environmental impact, cost, function, flexibility, aesthetics, convenience, logistics, global applicability, installation, operation, maintenance, technology and the economy among other things. It’s not there but we are on the right track. I’ve looked at many futuristic car designs that can not be used on current roads with the current system – this system would make many of them practical. Do a quick search for “futuristic cars – images”. That is what we could be riding in and much less expensively and far more environmentally friendlier.




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April 14, 2017