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Planning ATS

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This is a collection of support materials for the ATS Kickstarter click on the text above the image to access the document. There is the ATS talk – the first part is the script for the promo video with images – the second part of the ATS talk is a much more detailed description. It is a logical time to retool the economy once the ATS is online as it will decrease the need for resources and labor. I see it as an opportunity to consciously get back on the right track of doing what life is supposed to be about – family and good health for people and the environment. The amount of change discussed is scary but not scarier than if we leave our current systems juggernauting along – i think we all have an idea of how that will end in the back of our minds..

The planning piece is about how our current transportation system has effected our city planning, at our personal health and financial expense, and how the ATS will be conducive to better cities – cities for people – the kind that people go to on vacation because they are mentally stimulating, fun and healthy.

Then there are the premiums. I have a conflict-of-interest here somewhat – I want all of them. With the exception of the two text t-shirts these are difficult to realize as seen here – but we’re committed to having them look like the images shown and having you have something that you will look forward to wearing for many years. It will take a little time to get them right. The response to the Kickstarter will make a big difference in options – I truthfully don’t have a feel for what to expect for response – could fall flat, could exceed expectations wildly. Should you pledge and we are funded, an email will be sent out with the final options to choose from – if none of them meet your expectation you can cancel your pledge. I always strive for under promise/ over deliver – if we greatly exceed expectations for funding there will likely be bonus premiums because the volume of shirts will bring the cost down. I like those kind of problems. Please watch Karma – What if? if you can it is a seriously fun message that I think is dead on. If you are really ambitious follow the istrcution on the opening screen – it is worth it. the grey scale t shirt image can be understood at least somewhat by watching the video – to truly understand it will take some thought though.




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April 13, 2017