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Why have a big bus at 3AM for one person?

Seriously – this is a save the world effort – while making it more convenient and safer. These pods would travel one story above street level for trips around town any time of night or day rather than a heavy vehicle that needs a place to park. Or maybe you decide to walk since there is no traffic and the city is set up for people.

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Livable city

It is a logical time to retool the transportation system and economy to decrease the need for resources and labor, greatly reduce pollution and make exercise a part of daily life again. I see it as an opportunity to consciously get back on the right track of doing what life is supposed to be about – family and good health for people and the environment. The amount of change discussed is scary but not scarier than if we leave our current systems juggernauting along – I think we all have an idea of how that will end in the back of our minds if we don’t do something. Why fix a system that is falling apart and is high maintenance – replace it with a system that combines, driver-less vehicles, automated shipping and high speed rail with much lower maintenance needs?

Our current transportation system has affected our city planning and environment, at the expense of our personal and general public’s health and financial expense. The ATS will be conducive to better cities – cities for people – the kind that people go to on vacation because they are mentally stimulating, fun and healthy. It gets the dangerous and disruptive vehicles off the ground plane to leave it for people, animals, water and plants.




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April 13, 2017