Automated Transportation System (ATS) – Personal Fully Automated System of Transportation (PFAST)

This system will do for transportation what computers did for productivity, cell phones did for communication and the ipod did for music.

Why have a big bus at 3AM for one person?

I’ve been working on this a long time. Started out some twelve years ago when I was coaching soccer – i was hit with an epiphany. I had to stop working at a job site, drive about fifteen miles, pick up my son and drive back to about two blocks form where I had been working. All that time and money lost plus wear and tear on my truck plus I don’t care for driving (or flying for that matter) to go, in essence, two blocks. I thought about how nice it would be to be able to call my son, tell him to take a pod and I’d meet him at the field. And I’ve been working on it ever since when time allows.

This is the one thing I can think of that will make enough difference, fast enough, without being a compromise, (in fact being a vast improvement over what we have now) to mitigate or slow down the environmental degradation we are causing with our consumption habits so that we will have time to formulate a plan to live on this earth into perpetuity. I think of it as a giant step forward in the opposite direction we are currently headed – which is assured slow self-destruction. What we are doing now will end badly and sadly – bad for us sad for the earth. I think we are better than that and are capable of a quiet greatness. it is time for a global epiphany regarding what is right and to realize what we do to each other and to the earth we are also doing to ourselves – we are polluted and unhealthy – spiritually and physically.

I would like to live in some type of paradise – i realize that is not profitable but it is very doable. We will have to look inside ourselves instead of to the distractions of materialism. We are capable of this – we were created in the image of god and can be godlike – peaceful and content. What else is worth spending your life doing – other than perfecting stick-mounted foods of course. So much needs to change and it will be so much better. Please consider reading some of the other pieces that are part of the ATS project such as city planning, the economy and the system description (short and long version) which is the script for the video about it – the long version goes into much more detail. The final gallery shot above shows a head as a vehicle – the designer in me is excited to think i could design my own vehicle – could be a classic work of art of something abstract – there will  be the opportunity for custom vehicles as the norm  – aesthetic and/or function. .

Is this THE answer? Maybe – it won’t look like this as it is in progress but the idea will be there – a small footprint that gets the transportation system out of people’s daily lives so the earth is for people, animals and plants again instead of machines. Then we can start to think about what we want as opposed to what we are offered in the name of profit.



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April 13, 2017