Commercial and public projects.

I’ve done a fair amount of commercial and public/government work – most of it was as a consultant or as a consultant to other firms including courthouses, schools, aquatic facilities, ADA, churches/temples and renovations of commercial spaces. Commercial work is OK – it is usually pretty straightforward but not very mentally stimulating or challenging; government work is not – it is usually rife with bureaucracy and tedium – it is rewarding at some level but the amount of work to do to get there can be numbing – two steps forward one step back on good days – if it was a commercial or residential job it would go much faster. I was called out (seriously) several times because I did not spend the money allotted for the project – I was not used to those kinds of budgets or perspective – they invariably found something to add back in that had been cut out earlier. I had not ever had someone upset with me for coming in under budget before –  I initially thought they were joking. Having had a fair amount of building experience I talked them into some different details on several projects – I did not want my ears burning constantly from frustrated workers on the job site. The vertical element in the temple renovation is an elevator and machine room – had to hide it out front – there was no where else. The courthouse stair was seen as a stage by me – lots of drama in a court house – for some art work I had sheets of stained glass cut up and put in the nosings of the stairs in sequential order so that as you walk up the stairs you see the pattern split apart then come together. There is a balcony/landing halfway up to wait on impatiently and an impromptu meeting space built in under the stairs.