This design advertises itself. Wonderfully flexible – the shell can be used for many project types. There is an option for a roof top bar/serving counter and bathrooms if used as a stand alone structure. A very quick build with fewer steps and materials. It is welcoming with the door up or down. Those are trees made of twisted rebar and used plow disks (free). They are pretty much literally bullet proof. I would love to see them used in parks and bus tops. They create space. I would love to see the tete a tete chair/tables used; they are so symbolic of intimacy without implying a physical relationship other than for the time you are there. It could be two lovers or two business associates. The rooftop would be a great place for a small band with dancing under the stars to create a magical memory. The glass block set in the walls can let light in or out to enhance the presence pf the building without being obnoxious. Lots of options for finishes, glass block colors and a placement. I’ve been working on an affordable housing plan for this as time allows.