Karma – What if?

Karma – What if?


The path

This is something I had wanted to do for a long time – sometimes i get ideas and just have to realize them. In this case I came to a point that I needed to learn about making a video for a Kickstarter so I used this to learn. And learn I did – one painful lesson is that just because what you are doing is fun and a good message does not mean (all) people will get on board with it. I really wanted “Laughing” by David Crosby as the “soundtrack” – it is perfect (and there are instructions at the beginning of the video of how to do it and not violate copyright laws). Mr Crosby is creative and so he is most likely very busy – or maybe he just wants to be left alone – it is his life, and music, to with as he pleases. I still have hopes, we will see what fate has in store. The video is an analogy for our world and personal situation. We are ambling along – not really conscious of what we are doing or the total implications of our actions. We get tired and disgusted with our habits and and reach to grasp something new – we do not clean up the mess we have created we just leave it behind for what we think will be new and better – or at least different. But there is a bigger accounting taking place than our own self-absorption allows us to recognize, and the bill will be paid. When you start to do what is right things will be better. When you are thankful for what you have you will always have enough. “When I am thankful for a little, enough will seem as a feast.”

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