Prairie Style Home

Prairie Style

I did a lot of study on Prairie Style before designing this. I was originally presented with a plan book plan that had the words “Prairie Style” in the title but that was all the relationship it had with Frank Lloyd Wright. So, the client’s programmed extensively to get a home that had usable outdoor spaces and natural, comfortable transitions from inside to outside. As it were they did not follow the implementation plan which was to build just what had to be built to keep the developer and bank happy and then add the rest as time and money allowed. Instead both kitchens were fully finished and many upgrades and additions to the program were made which used up the funds needed to finish the project as designed. I’m not saying this to be mean but as a lesson in why discipline is ever needed when doing a project so it comes out like what you dreamed of. I had a rendering done just so people could see what was supposed to look like. People sabotaging their own project is not unusual – see the Project Programming Guide (by request – no cost or obligation).

When I lived in Pittsburgh I did five renovation projects at Falling Water, maybe i absorbed some of his design method? A note – many places are closed to you if you want to get paid for your work but as a volunteer they can’t get you there fast enough. Skinny dipping in Bear Run and all the plunge/swimming pools and having a beer on the cantilevers – priceless stuff. While I was there – through a snafu in scheduling – I ended up spending a weekend with Edgar Taffel in the guest cabin watching transferred movies of the construction of Falling Water. Wow!


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February 6, 2017