“Sukup” Safe T Home

This disaster relief product was the result of fifteen months of my effort. It is based on my back yard bin experiment. I have been designing with grain bins, even published for it/them, before Sukup started manufacturing them. I contacted them after the Haiti disaster on the suggestion of my first architectural employer. Sad thing is the design was not finished – it can be built for, and with, less but I left when I figured out I would not be compensated for my work via a very telling email. They wanted me to sign away my intellectual property rights because they know I had/have them through any number of other litigations they have had with other companies (all settled out of court with gag orders it would seem). From my research, after the fact, it would seem they are a type of ongoing criminal operation. Type in “litigation” after their name and see what pops up – this is not true for other companies in the bin manufacturing industry. I had bought into the very carefully crafted public image of an altruistic family run business. I now understand it was more important for them to have their name alone on the product than acknowledge my dominate/exclusive role in its concept and design. They are simply the least ethical or moral group of people I have ever come across. They didn’t/don’t need the money, it is all about their insatiable egos.

Could be better

The prototype I helped build

Didn’t even get compensated for gas money they are that cheap and crooked.


My first bin experiment.

interior shot

They took everything that was mine and made it theirs without my permission.

evolved design

This time everything is copyright registered including the technical docs. Just waiting for them to try and steal this from me and my partners. I told them the best was yet to come.