This is affordable housing! An extreme example granted – many of the other designs using this system are “tamer”. This is high-performance, no maintenance, strong, fast, recyclable, no foundation wall needed, no extra roofing or siding needed and you don’t absolutely have to use drywall if you don’t want. The system is highly resistant to all manner of typical building problems (insects/mold/radon/rot/rodents/storm damage etc). Get the shell and basics in – move in and finish or upgrade as time and money allows. It is even DIY friendly if you have some building aptitude. See a folio of my published designs at under “manufactured”. I have many other designs that have not been put into plan sets. We don’t get round much any more.

This could be a modern day homesteader’s house or a party pad for a hipster or a cafe’ or coffee shop or time share or branch bank/post office or…..