Various projects – including stained glass.

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I do a lot of lighting design – layout, specifying and actual design. It is very hard to get a good picture of a lighting installation – they have to be experienced for the most part. Lighting is one of the biggest determining factors of success in a project – it can make or break it. One of my favorite installations/designs was/is in a restaurant – i used the lighting to aide the client in the desired function of the spaces – the lighting in the breakfast/pasty/coffee area gave off the message of speed and business – in and out maybe a little lingering. the main dining area was for animated groups – the lights at each table were the campfires – to gather around, tell stories and socialize – then make plans and go somewhere else to the joy of the owners, waitstaff and waiting customers – not hurried just action oriented. The lounge was all about relaxing and taking your time – no hurry. The restaurant started making money the first month and all the seating became dining after 6 o’clock after about a year in operation – hard to deal with success. I am always honored when these clients call me – they don’t always agree with my recommendations but they use them anyway and it works out great. The latest project is another restaurant – I won’t get to see the results until opening day – lots of politics – spouses, many designers and engineers involved and I don’t get to talk to any of them – good place for a control freak architect to learn humility. There are plans to revisit the first project and freshen it up – I have an idea for a light sculpture “powered” by the customers – it should keep them entertained while they wait for a table.




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April 14, 2017