The Victorian

An Eco-friendly retreat

Victorian FF

The plan was designed for strengthening family as were the plans of traditional Victorian homes – it is a family retreat. The dining table is the center of activities/center of the home – for eating, games, family talks, with the living room as a separate space but connected enough to have bigger groups in the discussion formally or informally – same with the kitchen/(breakfast) bar – a dynamic but relaxed interaction. What a vacation/timeshare this would make. See the plan set at

Field-formed SIPs in process

PV panels, no maintenance materials and a prairie planting makes for a small footprint.

Very close to as-designed

It’s getting there

I think I liked it better before the siding went on – could have been lighter. The south doors were originally 8 ft wide – that is the main solar collector.

I like it nestled in the plants – can’t wait to see it with the deck and the interior. I just like it better with the lighter color on it – relates to the bins better I think.

See the plan set at


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April 14, 2017